Scent Descriptions

Each season has its own unique beauty and essence. That's why we offer a rotating selection of seasonal scents.

  • lavender chai

    Indulge yourself with the luscious aroma of lavender oat milk chai latte. Creamy oat milk, coconut, lavender bloom, tonka bean and vanilla will create a cozy ambiance that makes a winter morning anything but ordinary.

  • sweater weather

    Enchanting notes of mint, ripe apples, juicy peaches, musk and moss weave together to make this captivating scent. This beautifully mood lifting and unexpected fragrance ... will instantly become a favorite!

  • coffee shop

    That heavenly aroma that makes you stop and involuntarily take in a deep breath as you walk into a 'coffee shop' ... this is that, in a candle. This fragrant candle combines the rich comforting scent of freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries.

  • sugar cookie

    A warm, delicious, mouth watering aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies straight from the oven. This candle's rich blend of vanilla, sugar, butter and a hint of almond is the quintessential sweet and cozy scent.

  • mountain evergreens

    A winter scent that feels like home. Notes of cypress and zesty lemon peel fold into woodsy mid notes of evergreen and cedar. This fragrance brings the outdoors inside to enjoy all season.

  • snowday

    When the world outside is covered in a blanket of snow, bring the winter wonderland inside with 'snowday.' This invigorating scent combines peppermint and spruce with a hint of vanilla and fresh snowball!

  • cranberry woods

    A captivating blend of tart cranberries and earthy essence of wooded surroundings. This fragrance creates a harmonious balance, bringing the outdoors into your space with a touch of fruity brightness.

  • homemade lemon custard

    Elevate your surroundings with the perfect blend of citrus freshness and creamy indulgence. Let the zesty notes of freshly squeezed lemons dance in harmony with a creamy luscious custard.

  • vintage vineyard

    This candle captures the rustic elegance of a vineyard; offering a journey into the heart of wine country. Deep robust notes of ripened grapes hanging on the vine, intertwined with rich aroma of aged oak, figs and pears make this a tantalizing scent!

  • cozy cashmere

    Welcoming and inviting, this exquisite fragrance is a luxurious embrace of warmth.  Radiant white florals interwoven with violet petals tantalize the senses.  Feel the world's weight melt away as the delicate floral undertones transport you to a realm of absolute serenity.

  • lavender vanilla charm

    Find solace and tranquility with the soothing harmony of Lavender + Vanilla.  Let the calming essence of lavender flowers blend seamlessly with the creamy sweetness of vanilla.